Table Setting On A Budget

Saturday’s can be super fun!


When family and friends are visiting you can show your best in creative table design. Here is a table setting that was done for a visiting family member from San Diego. It is perfect for a summer morning–a nice breeze, a jasmine candle to set the mood and a beautiful backdrop. Make sure that it compliments your guest’s personality–this was an elegant setting for a classy person. You can see more table setting ideas on


  1. Grits with a pepper and basil sauce
  2. Vegan pancakes – topping non dairy ice cream
  3. Tomato basil bread & guacamole

Elegant Serving On A Budget!

The setting was easy, colorful and all on a budget:

  • Serving dishes purchased at a local thrift store
  • Plates, cups and glasses picked from the Dollar Tree
  • Napkins and table-cloth were from Wal-Mart

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