Great Food Matters

Not only does great food matter, but healthy  food is essential for a healthy life.

A co-worker recently experienced the scare of his life. He was experiencing chest pain and went to emergency.  ER doctors diagnosed him with potential lymphoma.  After testing,  he  received word that he had stage 3 Hodgkin’s disease. 

Can you imagine—his outlook on life changed in a matter of days. That which was important, was no longer of concern. The week that he waited for the results only became a number of days, weeks, months and years, in which he would have on this earth.

Fortunately, after a biopsy, there was no cancer, but acute sarcoidosis, which is treatable.  In hearing the good news, he made a conscious descion to change his life style and focus more on a healthy diet.

Essential life changes by eating a balanced diet with plenty of greens and vegetables can prolong life span and naturally heal the body.  

Listen to your body, eat healthy for healthy living. Stay away from processed food and eat more green vegetables and fruit, you will be happy you did.

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  1. I tried a vegan fast then diet for 7 days last new year’s, and became extra tired, had trouble even balancing my bike, was dropping and bumping into things, and it was not good. It turns out I had anemia. After reintroducing animal-based foods, I recovered. Ideally I could eat more plants, but clearly my body requires food with the full amino acids. Since I bike most days (over 4,000 miles this year)! and walk and do yoga daily, my nutritional requirements are different from others. I also have some issues though with weight and sugar, so can do better. No diet is one-size fits all, and medical conditions, body type, genetics, etc. all play a part. All said, I think you have an appetizing blog and perhaps I can find some non-flour recipes to borrow. And again, or if I didn’t say it, thanks for following me!


  2. I totally agree— and it does need to be mentioned more often healthy diets should be customized to body type, daily activity and personal health needs. Thanks.


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