Daily Walks To Enhance Focus

Take a break and get away from the day-to/day responsibilities and job routines. Remember, a healthy mind is an innovative mind.

The season is changing and the weather is perfect to start a walking routine 5 to 6 times a week. Not only are you eating well, but you will be including an exercise that will enhance focus and energy.

Daily walks are a stress reliever, mind regulator and a mood stabilizer. However, it will take commitment.

Once you are consistent, you can start an intermediate walking routine.  The purpose is to improve a higher level of performance by including speed and tempo routines.

Before you start the intermediate routine, stretch to warm-up. Eat a well-balanced whole food diet and get plenty or rest daily.

It is important to listen to your body as there are stresses that will be placed on various joints, structural frame, and soft tissue.

Remember: A daily break encourages an exercise regimen for a healthier lifestyle.

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