If I should Fall From Grace

Every morning when I wake up, it is God who breaths His willful breath of life in me. When I put my foot to the floor, it is grace and mercy that greet me with unmeasurable favor and daily benefits.

God is always there for me, to pick me, to guide my steps. But when vicissitudes are overwhelming and hope is depleting, my weary soul laments in fear.

And if I believe the lie, that hope has gone astray, and faith is a fading cloud ☁️, then I have succumb to the western ideologies of this society. I have become a stranger in an unconscious world. A society that has gone astray from Christian values, moral character and ethical principles. A world that willfully chooses its path of destruction.

But that’s not my story! And if I shall fall from grace, the Lord shall pick me up. His love never fails. The prayers that I have sown and stored up are heavenly bound. They have the power to saturate heaven and direct me back to His loving arms. It is the prayers of the righteous that avail much on my behalf.

God’s grace gives me authority to call things that are not into existence. His strength and mercy causes me to stay the course. Therefore, I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

Because of Him, I am in a conscious state of mind. Never blinded to enemy’s insidious plots, and as long as I stay connected to the source that gives life–I am living a healthy life.

Your mission is to stay connected and stay prayerful. Abide in peace and live a healthy life.

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