Living My Best Live

Change is enviable and transition can renew the mind and spirit. Food plays a major part in your wellbeing and prayer can be the key to your best life ever.

I am living my best life away from the residue of abuse, bad habits and the consumption of unhealthy food.

Spiritually, I bend my will towards God, which seals His promise for me of earthly and heavenly blessings. I have chosen a diet that will nourish my body and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

This life changing experience didn’t come easy. Thanks be to God, that on a summer evening, He saved me from all of my troubles. It was the night I cried out to the Lord to deliver me from every addiction. Every day I was able to function under the influence of cocaine.

Although my deliverance came with a price, I was truly delivered from tobacco and cocaine. Subsequently, I suffered from severe panic attacks and anxiety. Medicine was only a temporary fix until I gave all of my fears to Jesus.

These symptoms came from an abusive childhood. The affects were detrimental to my growth and destiny, my dreams were shattered and life appeared to be spiraling down. Nothing was more important than to eschew the unhealthy lifestyle that I had succumbed to.

After counselling and therapy, I decided to make a conscious decision, I wanted to live a healthy life, free from every hinderance. I looked to God for counseling and guidance. Not not only did He change my mindset, the Lord spoke to me about my diet. I clearly understood; spiritually I needed to change. Physically, I needed to eat better; this was for a healthy balance.

It was a complete transformation from a dubious thought process to unmovable faith, and nothing was impossible. I was amazed, fear began to leave and panic attacks ceased.

I learned that Jesus paid the price on Calvary, I just had to trust Him. Trepidation is from the enemy and not God. Who was I going to allow to rule over me? I choose God, my redeemer, healer and my mjoy.

Now living my best life, I choose what I want to eat and how I want to live. I am not a slave to food or any addiction. God has made it easy to take the high road in every area of my life. My destiny may have appeared to be altered or interrupted, but God was in control the whole time.

He allows me to be a magnet for success, wealth and good health. With all of the food persuasions and subliminal messages, I am not enticed to eat foods that damage my body, it’s God that has made this change in me.

Eating healthy is rewarding on many levels. It can be your best life ever. There are some medical conditions that can be healed through prayer and diet. You can make a conscious decision to maximize your health today.

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