Kala Jamun A Delicacy Dish

Kala Jamun is an exotic sweet dish made with paneer, khoya and saffron. It has saffron filled interior, which makes it tender from inside and hard from outside. It is a popular sweet dish in Bihar and other parts of Eastern India where it is readily available in local sweet shops. Kala Jamun is a sweet delicacy, very similar to Gulab Jamun.

I got to enjoy this exotic fruit and loved its texture. If you want to know more about the cooking tips, visit http://www.m.recipestimesofindia.com


The Health Benefits

The anthocyanins, flavonoids, ellagic acid and gallic acid present in jams have an anti-carcinogenic effect on organs.

It improves digestion: Vitamins A & C are abundant in Jamun, which detoxifies the body and is also used to treat digestive disorders like diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting and irritable bowel syndrome. Black Plum vinegar is good to reduce enlargement of spleen, diarrhoea, and those who have urine retention problems.


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