Vegan Corn Maque Choux

Tonight I decided to make a classic southern Lousiana dish. This dish has veggies, spices and herbs. It can be made several way. I chose vegan style–no sausage or bacon. It has a smooth taste and is delicious.

I used corn, red & white onions, red and yellow peppers, garlic. Seasons used were Old Bay, garlic powder, sea salt, thyme, chives, black pepper, and coconut milk. I simmered all the ingredients together until the liquids were just about gone. Topped it with cilantro and served it with a nice salad. You can season to your taste. If you don’t want coconut milk try cashew milk.


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  1. Robin Truitt says:

    I cant wait until your delivery starts, I’m looking forward to healthy eating for my family


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