Vegan Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese should be creamy and cheesy. What do you think about vegan mac & cheese? There are several ways you can make it, by using vegan cheese, cauliflower and other ingredients.

I used raw cashews for the milk and potatoes to give it a creamy texture. The shreaded carrots gave it the cheese coloring. I let the cashews soak in water until they were soft. After boiling the potatoes, onions, and carrots, I put the veggies into the blender with the cashews. The results were amazing, creamy and a nice cheese color. Before pouring over the cooked gluten free elbow noodles, I added seasoning.

This is a dish you should season to taste: I added a little mustard, paprika, cayenne, garlic power, pepper and sea salt. If you normally use evaporated milk, you may want to add a little agave or almond milk. The last step is to place the dish in the oven until brown. You can also use breadcrumbs for the topping with a little pepper. It was pretty good, the next time, I want to try vegan cheese.

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